Cognizioni, LLC, offers a wide variety of career opportunities for experienced and non-experienced professionals.

The goal of a career at Cognizioni, LLC, is to provide the staff member - whatever level - with a challenging and exciting work environment to fully manifest their skills, knowledge and career aspirations. Each person is treated and respected in a fair and professional manner ensuring that each person can flourish professionally, personally and in their career.


Staff Consultant

The staff consultant level is for those who have recently graduated from an undergraduate school, graduate program or have less than 5 years experience performing client work. The goal of this level is to provide the staff member with the appropriate credentials and experience to foster their future leadership potential and career aspirations.



The manager level is focused on organizing, leading and managing projects and/or teams for the clients. They have 5 or more years of consulting experience and possess credentials such as the PMP, and/or specific package credentials (examples: SAS, Hadoop, Machine Learning, SAP, Peoplesoft, Workday, Oracle and others).



In the analyst role, the consultant has over 5 years of experience in consulting and has a specialty in big data, process improvement, statistics, or a package focus (SAP, Oracle, Machine Learning, Workday or other package). They work with a focus on either the business or technical side to assist the program management and the client firm with the achievement of project objectives.


Architect/Program Manager

The architect and program manager is a consultant with over 10 years of experience in project delivery. They are conversant in project methodologies, leading practices and risk management. They are also able to take highly complex and/or ambigious objectives and translate them into solid program planning, execution and deliverables.

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