Cognizioni, LLC, provides a wide range of consulting services to support our clients.

If you consider a positive attitude, experience/expertise communication skills, teamwork and integrity vital to the success of a team, then you will be interested to know that we carefully select our consultants based on the blend of their people and technical skills.

We understand that technical or functional knowledge is just one ingredient of the essential skill mix required of a consultant. Therefore, we only hire consultants with demonstrated abilities in leadership, teamwork, and communication. We are professionals and know that the success of our company is directly related to the success of your initiatives and achievement of your business objectives.

Big Data - Hadoop

We have experienced and certified Hadoop personnel in the following areas:

  • Cluster Administration
  • Hbase Programming in Java
  • HDFS
  • Hive and Pig

Based on our team members experience and expertise, we can deliver time-to-value faster and in a smoother manner than others. Whether you are seeking an additional resource, a few resources or an entire team, we can support your efforts and minimize project risk.

ERP - Full Lifecycle Services

Our expertise and experience in ERP is extensive. We provide resources in the following ERP packages:

  • PeopleSoft
  • Workday
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards

Each of our Technical and Functional Consultants possess more than 10 years industry and ERP experience. We never deploy novice, trainee, or junior level consultants.

Advanced Analytics

Businesses in every industry are finding that using advanced analysis can provide them with a competitive advantage over others. There is a tremendous shortage of trained advanced analytics specialists, data scientists and others due to the huge demand for their skills and experience.

Cognizioni, LLC, has the statistical analysts (SAS, SPSS, Statistica, Mathematica and many other statistical applications and toolsets), data scientists (Masters and Ph.D. level) and other resources to accomplish your goals.

Web/Mobile App Development

Java 2 Platform and .Net, have become the standards for the web/mobile application development for multitier applications supporting both large and small enterprises. These platforms simplify application development by basing them on standardized, modular components and providing services to use those components, and by handling many aspects of application behavior automatically, without the need for complex programming. We have extensive experience in building Web applications, Windows applications, component libraries, mobility-enabled applications and Web services.

On our team we have highly motivated professionals with deep knowledge in business, industry, technical and functional areas. As part of our technology team - application development according to the web/mobile application standards and the established methodology is a norm.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quite simply computing based on the internet. The latest trends in computing show a seismic move from installing and running applications on a local physical device to the internet itself. Cloud computing is growing in popularity, especially amongst middle to large companies. This new emerging phenomena is predicted to grow to over $100 billion during the year 2014.

Cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits. Prime Source Computing has extensive experience with SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS with the major providers including Microsoft HDInsight, Amazon Web Service and others. We stand ready to support your transformation to cloud services in the most economical and expeditious manner humanly possible for you to achieve your enterprise goals.

Offshore Development/Testing

We have a robust service offshore service offering which supports all phases of client transformational projects. Our team has extensive experience in Agile package, big data and custom development for the initial build as well as incremental and full releases.

Agile software development lets clients achieve more for less and release significant projects with small teams and small budgets. The short iterations and working software principles are reflected in a practice called "constant beta."

Our offshore team stands ready to provide cost effective and high quality services for enterprise application, package, web/mobile application and big data support and maintenance.

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