Cloud Computing

We offer industry specific cloud-based Software as a Services (Saas) services to our clients to minimize implementation time, risks and overall investment time-to-value achieved. We use the top tier providers such as Microsoft HDInsight to host our services.

Big Data

Our Big Data Solutions are Hadoop-based machine learning with the latest and most effective machine learning technologies and advanced analytics to optimize client Big Data investments and business outcomes achieved.


Our solutions are deployable to the client's customers who use smartphones, tables and other mobile devices.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Whether you are planning to implement packages such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, Siebel or Peoplesoft, or doing custom web/mobile applications, we have the experience and expertise to minimize implementation risk and get the best possible value for your time and investments.

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IT partner with a shared vision


Mobility has changed the dynamics of business and changed the business models of many firms. Now the customer can be reached anytime and anywhere and does not have to be approached at office or at home on their local desktops. Mobile application development is driving the business at present and every business is trying to adapt to this humongous opportunity to deliver their products through the customer’s hand held devices.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing will change the way technology interacts with business. We do not need to invest huge amount of money to but hardware, software and licenses, networking solutions anymore. We can utilize the services of cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Sales and store our business data on their clouds. We can scale up and scale down depending on our business needs. We can rent space and not buy it. We can deliver projects and products and services from the cloud by using Saas, Paas, and IaaS


Security is a top focus of all Cognizioni solutions and client supporting efforts. Our clients expect us to provide state-of-the art knowledge of the current state of security for the protection of client data, infrastructure and overall investments from malicious or unintended breaches.
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